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Exotic Wood Simmering Granules

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Exotic Wood Simmering Granules are manufactured in UK.

Exotic Wood uses natural extracts to give you the purest fragrance throughout your home.

Exotic Wood simmering Granules creates a wonderful warm and inviting atmosphere, scenting your environment perfectly for indulgent relaxation and entertaining.

This can be used as an alternative to incense, used on oil burners to release its true to life scent.

Each box contains 12 packets each approx. 190g of simmering granules.

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Each box contains 12 packets approx 190g each.

These simmering granules are used on oil burners.

To use on oil burner, place 2 teaspoons of simmering granules in the well of oil burner. Do not add water. Light a T-Light below to release the fragrance. Throw away when the salt looses its fragrance.

Never leave your fragrance oil burner unattended for large amounts of time and keep it out of child's reach.

Do not place the Oil Burner near flammable material. 


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